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Salem 2009 halloween wrap up

I've been waiting to write this post until I had a few YouTube videos of my outing on Saturday but it seems that my iPhone won't upload them over 3G. So commentary now, videos later.

This year I actually went out to see all the costumes and festivities at Halloween. When the darned holiday falls on a weekday I don't wantto go out after work and I don't want to stay up late. Anyway, the excursion was quite satisfying.

The low lights (aka thumbs down):
There were many women dressed in cop stripper clothing. M'eh! Unimaginative! While you did get my attention it was for the wrong reasons. Costume grade; D-

The best single costume:
There were two women that looked like friends going through Salem. One dressed as Dot matrix from spaceballs, and the other as Rosie te riveter. Both costumes: A+! (for originality and for quality)

Group appearances:
There were several notable groups. My personal favorite was the street fighter II groupade up of Guile, Ruy, Honda, Blanka and Bison. Too bad there was no Dhalsim. Would have loves see that!
Other groups: captain planet and the planeteers, the whole wondering group from the wizard of oz, and a group dressed like super Mario characters (Mario and Luigi seemed like popular outfits this year)

Costumes I would have love to see, buy I didn't:
Star trek the next generation characters
Stargate characters (specifically: Teal'c)
Hellsing (manga) characters
Sgt Frog characters (keroro guso manga)
Farscape and andromeda characters

Well, I guess you can tell I am a scifi fan.

Next year Halloween falls on a Sunday so I will probably be on the lookout again

More videos and photos to follow...
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