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Greater iPhone-iPad integration

Since WWDC is next week, here's an item from my wish list for the next iOS: better iPad and iPhone/iPod Touch integration!  I saw this with HP's WebOS event a few months ago where HP's WebOS tablet was able to seamlessly exchange data with a WebOS phone.  If a user were browsing something on safari their iPhone for, they could easily (it seemed) get that on their tablet via some sort of proximity sensor.  OK, you can do the same thing by copying the URL, emailing it to yourself and getting it on the iPad, but that's a workaround.

Another potential use-case is Keynote with a keynote remote.  I know that there is a keynote remote app for the iPhone which allows you to remote control your keynote presentation on your Mac but there isn't something similar for the iPad. If there were wireless VGA in the classrooms it wouldn't be such an issue, but having a dongle on your iPad and a VGA cable tethering you to the wall means that you want really be that mobile in the classroom. I am sure that the synergy between iPhone and iPad can be extended way beyond this, I am just not having many ideas at the moment ;-)

Finally, stylus support! This brings me back to the days of the Newton. I must admit that stylus support is at the bottom of my list, but having used smartboards, I think that stylus/annotation support baked into iOS makes a ton of sense, especially if you are using your iPad in educational contexts.

So, what is your wishlist?
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