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Gears of War | Done

Another game completed this past week was Gears of War.  I had bought the Gears of War triple pack back in December, and I had started the game, completing Act 1 back then, but I put it aside, and didn't return up to now. I am not sure if it's because I played the game on Casual and not Hardcore, but the game seemed rather short!  In totality it seemed like the game had 5 Acts, which I was able to go through in a matter of days.

This doesn't diminish that the game was actually quite fun to play, but I felt like I wanted more (especially from a story perspective). Fenix (the main character, which you control) is busted out of the brig so he can be part of the defense and attack effort against some enemy that (still to me) is unknown.  Maybe I missed something, but the game starts 14 days after "E-Day" (when the Aliens, or are they aliens?) first attacked.  Who are these aliens? Why are they attacking? What the heck is going on?!!

At the end of the game you get a little more information, but it seems like there is much more left to explore in the mythology of this game universe. Once I was done, I popped in Gears of War two, part of the same triple pack, which also has 5 Acts.  I think a purchase of Gears of War 3 is my immediate future if GoW2 is as easy ;-).  This time around I am playing GoW2 on "normal" difficulty.  As far as achievements go, I only got about half in Gears of War.  I am thinking of  trying a multiplayer (local) once I get through the trilogy.
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