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Delta Rising | Done again!

Eris Ezri
I just completed Delta Rising again, this time on my Delta Recruit (Fleet Admiral Eris Ezri).  I wasn't quite sure I'd make it all the way here with Eris Ezri, but somehow having a character this close to the current story-line and not being there seemed like a waste.

For those curious, I was going to make Eris Ezris be a half Vorta, half Trill, liberated Bork (hence the name), but that seemed too complicated for the STO character builder, so I kept it simple and went with a liberated Borg human character.

In playing through Delta Rising there were some game mechanics that were really touted as being the hot new thing in Delta Rising, and something that we would presumably see more of in game, in subsequent episodes and stories, but in playing the Iconian War arc (the current storyline, and the one about to wrap up next month), I was reminded (through playing the Delta Rising story) that we really didn't see these game mechanics.  The ones that really come to mind are mechanics such as rappelling off cliffs, zip-lining through great chasms, and I think there is also a climbing mechanic which I probably only saw once in Delta Rising.  I am not sure if these mechanics were things that made it into Foundry stories (not something I play that often), but it seems like these mechanics have been relegated to the dustbin.

While I did end up playing most of the story missions in Delta Rising, and playing some of them two or three times to get loot that was part of a set, I did end up skipping quite a few missions that were just "pew pew", rinse and repeat.  If the mission had some good loot at the end of the mission I'd end up playing  it just to get the loot but if the missions didn't have worthwhile loot, they were summarily skipped.  This got me thinking about the replayability of missions and why people would opt to go back and play certain missions over and over again.  Obviously with a new character you get to experience things anew, sort of like watching a rerun of a favorite episode, but once you've created so many new characters, I do wonder what's the incentive to get through some of the more button-smashing, or "f" pressing (skip dialogue) missions?

I think I will try to get through most of the Iconian War arc with Eris Ezri before the new season kicks in.  I still have no plans to get all reputation gear for her.  There is just way too much grinding in the game.  Even my mail character doesn't have the Iconian rep gear yet... I think I'll wait for the winter event, raise some winter epohhs and get some Iconian credits that way.

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