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Gears of War 3 | Done!

A couple of days ago I went through and I completed Gears of War 3. After completing the Gears of War triple pack, which I got last Christmas, I decided to just buy the limited edition of Gears of War 3. I was playing Stranglehold at the time Gears arrive in the mail, but I put it down like a hot potato in order to start this third one. In all honesty, I am not sure how many achievements I got, probably less than half, but I did get  so into the story that I guess it doesn't matter. I can always go back and find the items that I missed and kill the lambent and the grubs in new ways.

I wasn't quite sure how this game would end, but the thrill ride kept me going and going as a game, even when I put it down to play some Star Trek Online, when I got back to it, it's like I had never left. Maybe after a while I can go back and play all three on the insane level ;-)

So, in this story we know what the emulsion is (well, sort of, but I am not sure who developed it) and we know how the lambent were made. We also got some basic information about the grubs, but not a ton. The main thing is that this is not Earth (at least I don't think it is).  One of the things that made this game easy to get into (in addition to having built up the story thus far) was that the controls are exactly the same as the other two, so it's easy to get in there and get into the action.  The one thing I noticed was that each Gears game has had 5 chapters.  I am sure this was done on purpose.  I wonder if there is anything to the number five.

The game leaves off in an air of finality. The next Gears of War game will be  a prequel and won't feature Marcus. Not a bad choice, but I am quite curios to see what happens now, especially since the entire world seems devastated.  This was a nice game, like the last two! :-)
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