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Tribble test fail :)

I was looking forward to playing on the beta server (Tribble) of Star Trek Online in order to get a preview of the new Legacy of Romulus expansion.  Since I will be on vacation when it lands I was quite excited to see what Cryptic did with the story of the Romulans and how things progress.

Well, after an accepted application to join the beta (didn't seem like it was that big of a wait) I was able to access the test servers. I did have to download a 6GB patch (really??? Jeez) in order to do so, but that didn't bother me as much. My Samsung slate had 20GB free.  So I got to playing, and the experience was sluggish - no surprise, it is a beta server after all!  About an hour into play things got too sluggish and I got kicked out of the server...or rather the server was not responding so the client disconnected. I customized a character, a Romulan Science officer by the name of D'Nel Beret, did some ground missions, and started with a space mission before things went haywire. So far the story looks interesting. Looking forward to play more when I come back from vacation because I honestly don't see myself getting back into Tribble this weekend. The queue was a bit crazy to get into the beta of the game (10-15 minutes).

The bummer is that I can't get into the Holodeck (main server, non-beta) either. Star Trek Online seems to be...well....offline :-/
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