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Adieu Toys R Us

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Well, there goes another retailer in the dust-bin.  Toys R Us, with their well known mascot, Geoffrey the Giraffe,  are going away - declaring bankruptcy and being liquidated. The toy store chain was only 70 years old, so it's been around for a respectable time period, but not as long as other brick & mortar stores.

I think I've only been into a Toys R Us less than a dozen times in my life, and usually as a kid, but the ads that they played on TV (which I had in well-worn VHS tapes in Greece with recordings from the cartoon network) made it feel like I had been there much more.  Every time I visited the US we'd go once or twice and it always felt like a massive experience. The toy stores I was used to were small shops (100 or 200 sq. ft.), so by comparison this was magically huge.  I remember getting a whole bunch of original Game Boy games at the Dedham store.  Good times!

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