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updated to 4.3.3 and jailbroke too!

This past weekend I opted to bite the bullet and update my iPhone, which was on 4.0.1. I had been waiting for Ultrasn0w to support the newer baseband, but I noticed that I could use pwnageTool and retain my baseband.  So I backed up my iPhone to retain my data (and my apps) and I started the pwnageTool process.  I successfully created an image that I could put on my iPhone. Then the fails started...

Fail #1: not enough hard drive space.
I did update my iPhone (and preserved my baseband!), but I did not have enough hard drive space on my mac mini to restore all of my data for some reason.  Oh Fail... I should have just stopped there and started the recoup process, at least I would have had a clean phone and an unlocked baseband.  But it was 3AM and I was wired, so I tried to reflash the firmware after I emptied out some hard drive space.

Fail #2: the firmware update wouldn't take
I guess pwnageTool saw that I had the most up-to-date firmware on it so it wouldn't let me reflash the phone and I couldn't find any way to just restore the data. Oh well, I started just restoring my 4.0.1 backup and then updating to the official 4.3.3, no jailbreak.  Phone was updated but and data restored! Woohoo!  but...

Fail #3: no apps!
Oh, major facepalm!  You see, since I don't generally use iTunes on my home mac for any syncing, I decided a long time ago to not sync my apps with the machine. I thought that backups took care of installed apps as well as data! But alas no, apps weren't part of my backup, so my updated iPhone was in a fresh state, kinda like how it was in step Fail 1....oy...all that work for nothing. Oh well. I downloaded RedSn0w and decided to call it a night.

Next morning I started downloading apps from scratch.  I noticed that  I had 4GB of "other" data on my phone.  These were videos that I had in VLC, before apple pulled it from the AppStore, and there was no way to delete this data...Fail #4!  I re-downloaded all the apps that I needed, and I discovered that this was an awesome opportunity to clean house on my phone.  Win#1! I also discovered that a number of apps were outdated, outmoded and the services has simply gone belly up, but since I had not used them in a while, I had never noticed.  So I cleaned out apps that were no longed even available (Win#2!)

There was still the issue of those "ghost" 4GB taking up space.  After a quick and painless jailbreak with RedSn0w. I downloaded a demo of iFile (a jailbreak app) and I looked around in my iPhone. Found the application storage for VLC and I went through I removed the videos I had on there - rather painless (Win#3).

So what's the lesson learned?  If you update your phone (whether you  jailbreak or not), you need to have your apps AND media synced on your mac, otherwise it goes buh bye!
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