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Now that's some fine lootin' !

I received this month's lootcrate last night (woohoo!) and the physical goods were pretty cool.  A planet express ship model, star trek decals, a comic book for 4001 AD (not sure what it is, so I guess I'll need to read it) and some Rick & Morty stuff (which again, not familiar with the series, but considering I've received Rick & Morty gear before, I might need to check out the series).

Recently, Lootcrate has also been doing digital look every month. A couple of months ago they has some Neverwinter loot (another Cryptic MMORPG property), which I kept stashed in case I want to start that game.  This month, however, there was something Star Trek Online related (woohoo!). The description (in the lootcrate magazine) is a Starfleet Admiral's commission. The promotional create, in game, contains:
  • 2 large XP boosts
  • The Kelvin timeline Federation uniform
  • 10 Kelvin timeline federation weapons
  • 0718 as your bridge officer
  • Red Matter Capacitor (this is one of those rare items that you only got with boxed editions of the game, before free to play, and only from Target I think(
  • A gear box that grants new gear every 10th level (levels 10-50)
  • a TOS enterprise (just a constitution class - too bad it can't be the actual NCC-1701)
  • An Andromeda Exploration cruiser
Pretty cool!  It seems more geared toward a new player since some of the items are really of use to  entry level players as they level up.  It's too bad I didn't claim this pack on my TOS faction who is low level at the moment (gave it to my Delta recruit) oh well... At least the 1701 and the Andromeda are claimable in a separate manner, so they are not tied to my Delta recruit.

Good job loot crate! This was awesome loot! :-)

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