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Alone in the Dark | done!

Yesterday evening I decided to try and finish off Alone in the Dark, seeing that I was on Episode 8 Scene 2 and I was really close.  Much to my dislike there was yet another driving sequence involved...this time it was timed  - I suppose that the first one was also timed in that if you didn't move quickly enough you'd be swallowed up by the abyss...

In any case, after a few tries I decided to skip the driving scene so I can get to the the last sequence in the museum and finish the game.  My rationale was that I could always got back and complete the driving portion when I was a bit more awake (or just a bit more motivated to deal with poor driving mechanics).  I finished the game (choosing the path of light -or at least that's what the achievement told me).

Once I finished the game, I chose to save - bad move, considering that I can no longer "continue" the game and go back to complete stages I skipped (and thus get a few more achievements)... Oh well.. I was able to choose the final episode and choose the path of darkness route to see what that ending entailed.  I am glad that my initial choice was the path of light because the path of darkness ending was a bit lame (and there was poor acting).

All things considered, I liked the game's story. I would like to see another Alone in the Dark game, a sequel to this, in the future. It just needs to have better controls. I also liked the whole television show aspect to it with the recaps at the beginning of each episode - that was, in my opinion, especially well done.  At the end of the game I was able to get 31 out of 49 achievements - not bad! I just don't feel motivated enough to go back and get the other 18 lol.
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