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Things I miss from my N80 camera

While my iPhone IIIgs camera is theoretically the same spec as my old N80's camera (wow! what does THAT say about my camera?) there are a number of things that I really miss from my N80's camera.

The lack of flash is a tad bit annoying. While I don't often take low-light shots, it is nice to have the option to take a photo with flash enabled for those few times that I really wanted to take a low-light photo.

I know that digital zoom isn't really zoom but rather blowing up the image and pixelating it somewhat, but having that digital zoom came in handy when I wanted to video record something from a little far away (not to mention those seagull photos that I snap that would really benefit from a zoom)

One of the things that I miss from the N80 software is the ability to change the photo style to black & white, sepia toned and other photo effects before I snap the photo, that was I don't have to go an post-process the image. Being able to reduce red-eye and all the other features would be nice too

Front Facing Camera:
OK, so the front facing camera was almost useless in the US since at&t does not support video calls, however I really do miss that sucker! It was really nice for taking portrait shots of me that weren't quite MySpace style.
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