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iOS 4 - early reports

Well, I've spent a whole day with iOS 4 running on my iPhone 3GS. I haven't upgraded my iPod Touch yet, but it's coming (my computer at home didn't have enough hard drive space to perform a backup of the device). One thing that I am still in awe of is Apple's ability to upgrade the OS on my device and yet I still manage to retain all of my apps, all of my settings, and all of my media (provided of course that I have enough space on my hard drive for that backup to occur).

This brings me back to my Nokia days, upgrading the OS on my Nokia N80. Don't get me wrong, I LOVED symbian (still wish I had a nice Symbian phone to play with), but the OS upgrade was a nightmare. Each time I upgraded the OS, I needed to set aside some time to reconfigure my emails, install the apps again, and setup all my files and folders the way I wanted them to be - luckily PIM data was always just one sync away! :-) Nokia really need to crack this problem open and make it easier for people to upgrade their devices :)

In any case, I digress. iOS 4...Any problems? Nope! The only problem I saw was diminished battery life, but I can't decide if this is an OS optimization problem, or if I spent more time on my device looking for the new tricks that the new OS can perform and thus running the batter to the ground faster. I suspect that it's probably a mix of the two - both increased usage and some minor bugs that will be resolved with a 4.0.1 update.

I have to say, the digital zoom on the camera is something that I will most likely never use. It's nice to have, but I rarely used it on my Nokia, and I will most likely rarely use it on here. Hook me up with an optical zoom and we're good to go! :)
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