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Adieu OpenFeint...I guess?

Well, this one crept up on me. OpenFeint, a cross-platform social network for gaming is closing its doors in a few weeks.  It started life on iOS, as far as I know, and later on got onto Android and Windows Phone.  Initially the pitch was global leaderboards for games, something that I really didn't care for much in my iPod touch days...but then came the achievement badges for games and that got me a bit more interested, having already had the experience of achievements from my xbox. This was, of course, before Apple's game center.

When Apple released Game Center, the need for OpenFeint wasn't as big, since most games either used on Game Center, or used both Game Center and OpenFeint, in case you had friends on other platforms.  This was truly the nice thing about OpenFeint - no need to be on the same platform to compete with your friends.

I did download GREE (the social network that the company who bought OpenFeint supports) but it just doesn't really seem that great. I think that for iOS gaming I will just stick to Game Center.  I just wish there were a way to export all of my achievements to Game Center or something :-)

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