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Mao's gone!

Seems like the giant (120 foot), gold colored statue of Mao which was almost completed in Tongxu County, China is gone :-)  Too bad, it could have been a great tourist attraction ;-)

According to the New York Times:

Just two days after images of a giant gold-colored statue of Mao in the bare fields of Henan Province spread across the Internet, the statue was gone — torn down apparently on the orders of embarrassed local officials.

Villagers said demolition teams arrived on Thursday morning, and by Friday morning, only a pile of rubble remained.

The 120-foot-tall statue, which local media reports said cost $465,000, had been under construction for months and was nearing completion when it began to attract attention.

Apparently the idea was the idea of a local businessman, who according to a local village is "crazy about Mao".  NYT quotes the villager:

“He is crazy about Mao,” said a villager who identified himself as Mr. Wang, a potato farmer. “His factory is full of Maos.” 

This seems more like an Onion article than anything else. Hard to believe that this is a real news story. 
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