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L.A. Noire | Done!

Man, that was a lengthy game! I guess any open world game, such as L.A. Noire,  is bound to be lengthy since you have the ability to explore the world at your own leisure. This game was getting a lot of 5-star ratings, which is why I decided to play it (the star studded cast was also another major motivator).  Having played and finished the game I think that it is indeed a 5-star game! (now, where is the sequel? ;-)  )

In terms of just plain-ol' metrics, I finished the game with 24 our of 40 achievements; more than 50% ain't bad, but I would have loved to have had at least 30 of them, maybe on the second time around? ;-). There were a few achievements that I guess I could have gotten had I played my cards right from the start.  For example

  • I got 12/13 newspapers (must have missed one early on), 
  • I solved 30/40 street crimes (I meant to do all of them, but once I got to Arson Squad, case #3, I stopped seeing them.  I guess more exploration of the map)
  • I got 46/96 cars (this was the least enjoyable since I got in and out of other people's cars.  I know that as a cop I could commandeer a car, but it just felt weird to do so.)
  • I leveled to level 18.5.  I think I could have made it to 20 if I did a few things differently.
  • I don't even remember how many monuments I discovered...
Some general observations from my personal game play:
  • I always thought that in shoot-em-up or hack-n-slash games I was pretty good even when I as tired.  When I was playing L.A. Noire however I sucked at it when I was tired. I was much more accident prone, much more prone to crash into something, or run over a pedestrian.
  • The pedestrian AI is either stupid, or humans don't operate well under surprise (which I could believe).  When I had my sirens on, people, like deer in headlights, still tried to cross the crosswalks, even though they were on the sidewalk to begin with!
  • Destruction of city property and bodily injury was kinda cheap (all things considered).  Both when i was tired and when I was not, I had some major wrecks (and human injury) when I was going from scene to scene and chasing bad guys.  The money paid at the end of the stage/case was pretty small (even adjusted for inflation)
  • There were quite a few moments of fiero while playing this game. The most recent moment of Fiero is when I finally go "meritorious" (5 star) rating when I completed a case (most of my cases were 4 starts (distinguished), and a few were 3 stars.
  • I caused more damage while chasing (with a car) suspects and bad guys than being chased!  Amazingly when I was trying to dodge the mob guys (as Jack), and I was driving quickly through alleys and main streets, I ran into NOTHING. Contrast this to when I was chasing others, where I was driving into mailboxes and street poles, and scraping other cars. weird!
And finally, the ending.  Nice story, but WTF?!?!?!  They killed Phelps...not sure I like this ending.

All things considered, really nice game!

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