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Video Game Fridays: Burai Fighter (GB)

Burai Fighter was one of those games that I bought when I was visiting relatives in the US while living in Greece. I will admit to this: I bought the game because of advertising! I saw advertising posters and ads in magazines about this game and I bought it (or rather asked someone to get it for me as a gift).

In this game you essentially play a man on a jet-pack going off to fight the aliens of the evil burai empire. I will give credit where credit is due: the game was actually pretty good, and the graphics were good enough for the time in which the game was developed, but the game was extremely extremely frustrating! I cannot describe how frustrating this game was ~ maybe even more than the terminator puzzle levels ;-)

One lazy summer afternoon, a year or so after I had purchased the game, I sunk a lot of hours into the game and I got to the last stage. I did not know this at the time. I fought the final boss and won. I saw the ending credits - wow! I had finally done it!

I never played the game again!

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