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The cost of going to work…

Well, today was sticker shock day! I knew it cost me a pretty penny just to show up to work, but the costs are going up! In 2007 it costs me under $50 per week to drive into work. Today I went to get gasoline ($3.70/gallon), it cost me $47 to fill up my Beetle.

So I started pondering the updated costs.

$18.00 in tolls per week
$47.00 in gasoline per week
$35.00 in Parking costs per week

Grand total: $99

Now… rumors are that parking will go up to $12/day, and gas is slated to go into the $4/gallon range.

Update costs:
$51 Gasoline
$18 Tolls
$60 Parking

Total: $129/week


I think that over the summer I will trial taking public transportation ($163/month).
It adds 2 hours to my commute per day (4 hours of commute total), but the costs are insane!
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