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Fable III done...a bit anti-climactic...

This past weekend I finished off Fable III.  All things considered it was an interesting button smashing game, but the ending was a but anti-climactic.  I ended up being able to save the kingdom, but there were a lot of casualties because I decided to keep most of my promises and I ended up coming up on the side of Good. If anything in this game, you learn that you cannot please everyone (and sometimes you need to go back on your promises for the greater good).

As far as achievements go, my collection is quite meager. I think I only got 16% of achievements since I didn't do all the side quests or get married or have any progeny. The game made it a bit pedantic to court people, so I didn't want to waste my gaming time courting virtual people (despite the achievements). 

Now I see that Fable II is only $5 used at gamestop. I wonder if I should give that a try lol.

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