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Mass Effect 3 | Done!

Woot!  I was able to complete the Mass Effect Trilogy before going on vacation! :-)

First the Good points about the game. The character I had fun mass effect 2 transferred over into mass effect 3. NICE! I think I started playing as a level 25. I am not sure but I think I decided to pick the infiltrator class again. This was pretty nifty. The story line and the direction was pretty awesome as well. I now realize that the games were designed as a trilogy so this all makes sense how they fit together. The searching fit artifacts mini games were pretty good but I decided to not tackle the entire galactic map. I am not sure that I would have completed the have had I taken this approach.

Some M'eh points: the only m'eh thing about the game we also the mini games. O was used to finding many spots on any given planet that had useful deposits of ore, and only having one thing per planet was a bit boring.

As far as achievements go, I earned 37 out of 68, which ain't bad! I am sure I can get more but I think I need a break from this game to complete some of my pile of shame. For the paramour achievement I decided to stick with Liara, my Mass Effect 1 love interest, but then Miranda showed up and I decided to test fate and romanced her. Somehow Liara found out and was cold towards Shepard afterwards. I guess in video games you can't be a player :-). It was nice however to have that tender moment with Liara just before the end.

As far as the ending goes, since I didn't have full military readiness (I was at 85 or 90%) I did not get the perfect ending. I sacrificed my Shepard in order to save the galaxy. My crew survived, the reapers are dead and the earth is saved. I guess ask things considered this was s good ending. The way Shepard was limping at the end I wasn't sure he was really going to make it (and he did least in my ending).  The game reminded me a lot of Babylon 5, specifically the Vorlon/Shadow conflict and how they directed the evolution younger races/species. It also reminded me of the new Battlestar Galactica in the "technology is bad" aspect, and how technology will overrun your life and cause extinction. The whole premise though seems laughable that an older species would willingly prune species in order to prevent extinction.

All things considered the game was pretty awesome. I am wondering what the next mass effect will hold.
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