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I hate people!

Well, actually I don't but that is the title of a book that I read recently that was quite a page turner. I first saw this book (I hate people) advertised somewhere online, I can't remember where, but the graphic did catch my eye. It shows a stick figure kicking over a water cooler. The saying does that you should not judge a book by its cover, but in this case the cover was a good indication of the content of the book.

The book goes over several major archetypes of people that you encounter in your work environment that cause you to get derailed off your own work projects, or people who stand in your way to completing work projects. The names are quite funny and somewhat imaginative like "the bulldozer" and "the spreadsheet".

Most of the book is about what to do with people like this, how one can possibly by-pass them in order to get work done. I found the book funny and easy to read. Personally I liked the advice, and the anecdotes given as examples. The ending of the book, for me, left a little something to be desired, but all things considered it was quite a good book to read.

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