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Review: MOOCs

MOOCs MOOCs by Jonathan Haber
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

While the book is a bit out of date (MOOCs have moved along since it was published) I still found it to be a good introduction to the phenomenon of the (albeit without really looking too in-depth at research done in MOOCs).I did have an opportunity to hear the author speak back in 2012 (?) at the Campus Technology conference in Boston. At the time I was a bit dismissive, perhaps owning to the fact that I could have written such a book, even at the time (and I hadn't 😜), but putting a few years between the publication of this book and reading it makes me appreciate it a little more. Yes, most of the book wasn't news to me. Perhaps that's it: I better appreciated my own change of reference. Instead of viewing it as something I would learn a ton from, viewing it as a reviewer for other people who might be interested made me appreciate it more.

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