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Xbox year-in-review, now with a crest!

With all of the social media sites doing year-in-review infographics from the data that they've collected from you over the period of the year, I thought I would check out xbox to see what sort of year-in-review they have in store. 

This year, along with the statistics that they provided me with, I got my own - customized and customizable gamer crest (presumably based on the games that I play).  My motto (which seems to be the standard one) is "xbox chose me" in Latin, although I prefer the "to the stars" motto (or 'ad astra').  Because heraldrly has meaning, here is what my crest breaks down to:
  • Wings: "Ferocity" - Messing with you is generally a mistake people make only once, and it's a mistake that haunts them for decades.
  • Shield: "Glory" - You have a tragic backstory and epic theme music plays every time you enter a room
  • Double axe: "Strength" - Rules are for the weak. What really matters is being awesome and breaking stuff, and everyone can just deal with it.
  • Space ship: "Exploration" - Because no one ever got anywhere by sitting around in the starting zone.
  • M9 rifle (?): "Power" - Listen. There's a huge deficit of excellence and you're here to take care of that deficit.
  • Grenade: "FPS" - We're extremely jealous of your reflexes at this point.
  • Bear: "Bear" - You're intimidating because you could go either way: you could do some serious damage, or you could sit there and keep eating berries.
  • 3 Stars: "3 Stars" - You're famous on the Internet. You might even be famous IRL.
  • Scythe: "Action/Adventure" - You are made entirely out of '80s power metal ballads and cool explosions.
  • White xbox controller: "Old School" - You keep it real and we respect that.

That was interesting. I wonder what games they chose (or saw in my playlist) and they picked to profile me like this.  I guess I do play a ton of FPS and open world games...and sci-fi adventures...

More analytic is the image that follows that talks a bit more about my achievements earned and games played.  I was actually amazed that I earned that many achievements in 2016 considering that I rarely played my xbox, due mostly to schoolwork and various conferences and papers I worked on with various colleagues.  I started playing Bully last year, before I started classes in January, but a combination of my final content class, my first seminar, my dissertation prep, teaching my own classes, the dayjob, and some fun academic projects mean that I didn't play as often as I wanted to.  I also spent time finishing off the 3 assassin's creed chronicles games, where I got Ubisoft trophies, but I don't think any of them transferred over to the xbox (so those are not accounted for). I wonder if Club Ubi has a year in review...

Played games much last year?  What does your crest look like?

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