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Star Trek Online: Agents of Yesterday

Woah! The third major expansion to star trek online has been announced! Taking advantage of the 50th anniversary of Star Trek, Star Trek Online is  doing a TOS themed expansion. This sounds pretty exciting as players can start a character from the start and explore strange new worlds through that lens. One of the starter packs also comes packed with ships from  the TOS era, as well as some temporal ships. This is one of the packs that seems worthwhile getting, actually! Details are currently scant - but I suspect that this since this thing is dropping in the summer that more details will be coming our over the next month.

While I do like the idea of rolling a new character, the negative aspect is that it means that many of my other characters go unplayed.  My Delta Recruit character for example will take a back seat, and so will my Klingon and Roman characters.  My main (Federation, Tactical) will still be the one that I get all the gear on.  I really wish that Cryptic would work out a system that does not involve so much grinding for reputation gear.  Doing the grinding on a couple of characters was doable, but now on 5 characters...that's a little much. I actually stopped grinding after 3 characters and only get the reputation gear on my main character at this point. This makes the other characters least likely to be played.  We'll see what improvements they have up their sleeves for the reputation system.

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