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Disappearing footprints, part deux

I was having some more thougts on the issue of archiving our digital lives. This line of thought reminds me of Palm's new ad for the Pre that mentions that "your life is made up of so many other lives".

In years past, people snapped candid photos of you in group and private occasions. Those photos may have been shared, or they may have been kept private and you would have been none the wiser. Today the cultural trend seems to be to share app these points of information. Do these need archiving? Well some you might want to archive and others not.

The same holds true for things like facebook; instant messaging and Twitter. These digital media have taken the place of conversation. Do we record every single conversation? No we don't, but there are some coversations that we do save for posterity, or sentimental reasons.

YouTube falls under this category too. A year or so ago I saw a call on some blogs to stop using YouTube videos in blogs because YouTube periodically removes videos and you blog won't make much sense 10 years down the road: perhaps this is true, however why stop using rich media today because it may not be available in the future? When we wrote letters by hand and sent them via snail mail we never (or rarely) attached media. That's because sending a tape or CD may have been a pain. The point is that out text supplemented the video that was generally not there; and if it were, it was generally something we made and not something someone unknown to us made.

In the end, since our digital lives are made up of what we do and what orger people do, is there need to document every single aspect of our digital lives?
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