v6.2.3 - moving along, a point increase at a time

Taking the new Learning Management System for a spin...

Trying out new stuff is always interesting.
I've always been involved with learning management systems.
First it was blackboard, then we switched to prometheus (not sure if this was a product name, or code name), and now to WebCT VISTA (no relationship to MS vista). I have been following WebCT now for a year, in a support function, but now I am using it as a student. I must say that it is quite interesting! I like that the calendar has event and homework reminder functions, just in case my iCal, and my PDA don't remind me of when stuff is due.

There is one thing I greatly dislike: when you send email through WebCT to the professor or Classmates, if STAYS in WebCT! You need to be proactive, login, and check your mail all the time because it does not get automatically forwarded to your email account - maybe it's a setting I have yet to discover.

This LMS looks promising....more on the subject as the semester continues.
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