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This has been Finale Week (I guess with the end of the semester come and gone I now have more time for entertainment ;-) ) In any case I decided to make all of my season and series finale comments in one bigger post. Yes, it's filled with spoilers so don't read if you don't want things spoiled ;-)

Honestly these two shows are like a soap opera, who cares about a season finale? It's all about the murder mystery (or spy mystery) of the week. Of course the season finales of both NCIS and NCIS:LA decided to focus more of character development than a murder mystery (which seems to be the norm for this type of show). In any case, NCIS focused on Gibbs' background and his rules (which apparently are not in numerical order) and NCIS:LA focused a tiny bit on Callen's background (which is still shrouded in mystery after the finale). Pretty interesting. I was only watching NCIS:LA (despite it kinda sucking in the beginning) because of the NCIS name (and I also liked JAG), but after these last two NCIS:LA episodes I think I will be coming back in the fall!

Just like the NCIS series, for me House is more of a medical mystery of the week type of show. Sure there is personal character development, but I tended to ignore it mostly (the Chase-Cameron marriage/romance/drama was really annoying). In any case, House writers decided to focus on character development - namely House's character. I was surprised by the turn of events in the season finale when House admins his passion for Cuddy - and Cuddy saying no to marrying what's-his-name - the detective that House hired and that eventually cohabited with Cuddy.

To be honest, initially I didn't know if I would like FlashForward but it turned out to be a great series! It's too bad that it was cancelled! (although they did leave the door open for a second season if the show got picked up again). So what happened? That doctor who had cancer met his flashfoward girl (awesome!), the hospital volunteer (and babysitter for the Benfords) met her savior (satisfying ending), the viewers find out who the FBI moles are, the whole FBI building blows up and Benford jumps out of a window toward a helicopter as the building explores (satisfying in a Die Hard way) and a few other things. In all the finale for this series was satisfying - if the series were a restaurant this season would have filled you up, satisfied you, and you would want to come back for more. The finale was way better than the lost finale!

Ashes to Ashes
Two Works: Foking Amazing! Ashes to Ashes was the sequel to Life of Mars. Life on Mars had 2 seasons and Ashes to Ashes wrapped things up in 3. I was really hoping for a sequel series that took place in the 90s but the way they wrapped up the series I guess that's not happening. The big reveal was that Gene Hunt was some sort of Angel Cop there to help coppers who died in the line of duty move on (where they're moving to is anyone's guess). This means that DI Drake was indeed killed by the gunman at the beginning of the series and she can't get back to her family. This was kind of a bummer (I was hoping that Drake would eventually wake up) but this ending was quite good- BETTER than LOST's ending for sure.

For me Chuck sort of falls into the NCIS/NCIS:LA/House category: yes there may be an overarching plot, but I really enjoy each episode as the "spy mission of the week", so there wasn't a ton that blew me away in the finale. I liked it as a Chuck episode, but I really didn't expect to be blown away by it. I's kind of a bummer that Chuck's father was killed off but on the plus side Morgan is getting more involved in the spy game which is promising for future humor.
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