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Mass effect 2 | done!

This past weekend I completed mass effect 2 for the Xbox. The game, amazingly enough did not take that long to complete. I did go through enough missions to make sure that I got the loyalty of all of my crew members and had enough raw materials to upgrade the weapons and armor of the Normandy, but that did not seem to take long. Heck, I even completed the scientific or relic missions that I got through a free DLC.

I have to say that I do like the cinematic I in the game, and the dialogue choices that allow you to immerse yourself in the game lore and allow you to invest in the game beyond shooting up everything in sight. There were some bummer moments in the game for me. For example in the end Some of my team died in that final assault in the Reaper base at the center of the galaxy. Zaaed, Mordin, and Tali died. I think I was most bummed out by Tali's demise since she was on my team during the first game. It was also annoying that done original team members like Liara and Ashley were not on the team, since I made a decision to save Ashley during the events of the first game. Oh well. That's gratitude for you :)

I ended up getting 38 out of 64 achievements, which ain't bad at all!  At the end of the game I did look up the achievements that I didn't get and I was surprised that I didn't pursue some high-point missions (I completely missed them).  Oh well.  I am not going back yet.  Maybe in the next year I will replay the trilogy.  For the paramour achievement I decided to romance Miranda.  The relationship my character built with Tali in the first game didn't lend itself to romance, and Jack was just freaky in Mass Effect 2.  All things considered, awesome game!
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