v6.2.3 - moving along, a point increase at a time


I was meaning for that to sound a bit like the iconic "khaaaaaan" yell, but oh well - fell flat a bit.  Not talking about Nim Chimpsky here, the famous chimp from the language study at Columbia, but rather Num Shandu, the Castithan general who lead the charge on Defiance (and lost).  Seems like he needed some cybernetics in order to get him back to working order again.  In any case, after taking care of Jackleg Joe, the last boss I got stuck on, it seems that I breezed right through the other stages and bosses to Nim Shandu, the final boss in the game's story arc.

Nim is equipped with an EGO unit, same as my own character, but apparently his is super charged.  Well, either that, or he can use his tools much better than I can!  In either case, he is wiping the floor with me. The first time through, when I was first introduced to this boss I almost got him! Well, sort of - I only later realized that had I actually gotten his health bar down to zero on that round, I would have to go two more rounds with him (so I don't feel as bad for the loss).  That said, I am actually not quite sure how to proceed.  Should I grind some more to reach 700 or 1000 EGO points before attempting this boss?  Should I just keep trying to beat him as I am now? The annoying this is that I can't save my progress, so if I give up when I reach him, when I play again I have to go through his minions again (ugh...)

I guess I'll focus on class for now, and worry about Nim later...
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