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Thoughts on Quantum of Solace

It's been a while since I finished Quantum of Solace on the XBOX, so this mini review (and thoughts about the game) is a tad bit late - but given that the game has been out for a while it's quite alright ;-)

The thing that really struck me about this game as how short it was in comparison to other FPS games that I've played on the XBOX. I think that it only took me a few weeks to finish (so based on my game play that would be about 20 hours?) where other games have taken me much much longer to complete.  Yes it is true that I did play the game in easy mode, and it's probably true that I am getting better at FPSs since I've played quite a few of them, but it really did strike me as rather short game play. 

The game was enjoyable, I had seen Casino Royale a long time ago but I had not seen Quantum of Solace so there wasn't much repetition in my entertainment experience. The controls are as you'd expect an FPS's controls to be, and the learning curve is pretty easy.  I did finish the game with only 16 achievements, so I guess  I need to go back and play the game in harder modes to get those badges...and also do the odd little things (like shoot all satellite dishes in Sienna) to get other achievements. While the game was enjoyable, and easy-ish (even in hard "007" mode), I don't know if I want to revisit the game so soon after I am done.  Perhaps I should go onto Alone in the Dark now, and come back to this later.

Is Assassin's Creed: Revelations out yet? ;-)
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