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Marvel Ultimate Alliance | Done

This past weekend, after what seemed to be a long long time (but actually wasn't all that long), I finally beat Marvel: Ultimate Alliance.  You know, it wasn't a bad game.  I got it used for $7, and I didn't know what to make of it.  I always try to avoid dungeon crawlers, despite the fact that I end up liking them in the end.  The same was true this time around - I bought the game because of the Marvel Caché, and ended up liking the game play.

The story was a bit weird, putting together X-Men, Spider Man, the Fantastic Four and a few other separate comic book universes into one.  As a fan of the X-Men, I enjoyed the game, opting to level up wolverine as much as I could.  I did end up with Iron Man and Thor in my party for all of the game, while changing out Captain America for Ghost Rider, Blade, Storm and The Thing throughout the game. So many character to choose, which (I guess) makes the game replayable (a lot!)

As far as achievements go, I only got  26 out of 58 total.  I suppose if I go back and unlock a few more characters, and do some more clobbering of on-screen enemies I can unlock some more.  Well, as nice as this game was, perhaps I will take a break before I come back to this.  I am actually seriously considering playing Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2.  It would be nice if I could keep my characters and XP from this one if I did :-)
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