v6.2.3 - moving along, a point increase at a time

Back from blog-vacation!

Well, this wasn't really a vacation per-se, but rather an excuse to try and move my blog from the RapidWeaver default blog page to blogger using RapidBlog. Most things went without a hitch. I was able to move all my posts to blogger (50 posts per day because of Blogger's limit), and then I spent some time changing links, making sure that things work and you don't get any page-not-found errors.

All things considered, I really like RapidBlog. The one feature I wish it had would be to make the images that are part of my old blog importable to Flickr and then link those to the blog posts that it imported into blogger. Right now if if I change hosting services, the older blog post images work work. I suppose I can slowly migrate older blog post images to Flickr and slowly swap out the anchor code in blogger to that of the Flickr address.

The one problem with RapidBlog is that it moved my Greek posts in an incomprehensible way. Instead of using the unicode characters for Greek, it used HTML alt code such as "& nu" for  ν, and "& mu" for μ. This is a bit annoying given that I can't actually got back and see the text of my posts, other than view them in a browser. I guess I can always copy and paste the old text given that I only have about 20 posts in Greek, thus far, but for a larger amount of posts this would not be feasible.
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