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Star Trek Online - Season 9 imminent

It's nice to see Season 9 of Star Trek online coming out next week, too bad it's not coming out on Monday when I can actually play it (holiday).  Oh well. I guess I will have to play as much as I can in the morning before I go to work :)

Thus far I've maxed out Tolya (the Federation Admiral), and I am working on getting some of the loot (Dyson and Borg reputation systems) for the Romulan and Klingon. With the introduction of the sponsorship tokens I am happy that I don't have to grind forever to get the other two characters maxed out on the upcoming Undine Reputation. I am also running out of ship slots on all characters, so I think it's time to go in and decommission some early level ships (like the Akira class) that can't compete at higher levels, and most things I got at the C-Store, since I can always get those back.

I hope that by the end of the year I will be done with all of the reputation projects on all characters. The grind is getting easier (especially when you have a good PUG) but it's still a grind...
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