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More humor... star trek Xtreme!

I was listening to Earl Grey, one of the podcasts, this past week, and the topic of discussion was about a fictions scenario, a what if they had made an animated series out of Star Trek: The Next Generation in the 90s once the live action series was off the air.  It was a pretty funny episode to listen to, especially if you've seen the mess that is Star Trek the animated series...well...and if you grew up in the 90s and watched things like Gargoyles, the power rangers, and various assorted cartoons of the period.  I think - if I am judging correctly from the forums - that Cmdr. Flipper would be a hit ;-)  The following image is from the facebook group for - what George would look like in this series (look at the attitude on his face! Indicative of 90s cartoons ;-) )

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