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End of CFHE12

Well, another MOOC is now complete!  I still have a few more readings in Pocket to go through, blogs from fellow bloggers.  I have to say that the materials in this MOOC weren't a revelation for me.  I have encountered these topics before in my professional career, especially more recently when topics like MOOCs and alternative credentialing and badges are hot topics. If I already knew some of these things, why join?  Well, as we've said before, content isn't king.  Content is an important part, but not king.  For me, it's about interacting with other people, and getting to find out other important SMEs and thinkers in the field. To agree, disagree, debate, and write.  In addition to some of the usual suspects, like Serena (which gives me good reasons to practice my Italian :-)  ) and brainysmurf, this time around I met another interesting MOOCer, Rolin Moe (blog here). I don't always agree with what he writes, but his blog was always a good thoughtful read on the subjects.

My apologies to the forum people.  The forums were not very navigable for me, so I decided to keep my participation on blogs and twitter via the daily newsletter.

Just for posterity purposes: the course objectives for this course were:
  • Explore the scope of change pressures that impact higher education systems globally
  • Detail how technology is impacting educational practices within higher education institutions
  • Consider how networks and digital technologies are influencing the balance of power in education and the expectations of the autonomous self-regulated learners driving the power-shift
  • Evaluate the impact of entrepreneurial and commercial activity in all levels of education: curriculum development, teaching, research, and accreditation
  • Detail how “big data” and analytics are impacting teaching, learning, and organizational decision making Analyze and explore the new, distributed, leadership models being utilized by senior administrators
  • Evaluate how faculty and teaching practices are being impacted by new technologies and new teaching practices
  • Detail the impact of current economic conditions and globalization on the academy
  • Describe how the most innovative universities from around the world are responding to change pressures
I think that the MOOC touched upon most of them, some more in-depth than others.  I think, though, for a 5 week course, the above goals are a bit lofty.
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