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NERCOMP conference proposal accepted - woohoo!!!

A month (or more?) ago @cdetorres tweets me (or was it IM? I don't remember) about submitting proposal for the 2012 NERCOMP conference. I had gotten a notice about this, but I had completely forgotten about it, and I was working on a MobiMOOC related paper. In any case, the deadline was that evening and my brain was sufficiently tired to not want to do work. Despite this I ended up putting a proposal together, with @cdetorres as co-presenter and he did the same.

Well, great news!  Both of our proposals got accepted.  Of course we both goofed. I wanted mine to be a presentation session, not a poster session, and he wanted his to be something else, not a lightining round. We must have clicked on the wrong things (see? when you're tired you make mistakes, lol). In any case  things however worked out since neither of us has done a poster session nor a lightning round, so it will be a dual learning experience.

@cdetorres's Lightning Round Title & Abstract:

Taking Social Reading Online: GoodReads in the Classroom
Social reading networks like Goodreads provide a special place for people to connect via books and open up their libraries. We'll talk about Goodreads as a bridge between public, private and classroom reading, and show you how our students found themselves sharing reviews and comments with each other, agreeing or disagreeing with complete strangers, and even having a dialogue with an author. By the end of the session you'll be using Goodreads to share book recommendations with your fellow NERCOMP attendees, and will have a set of tips for applying online social reading to any class in any subject, face to face or online.

My Poster Session Title & Abstract:

End to end mobile research: using tablet computing to facilitate an untethered and paperless research process
Tablets, especially Appe's iPad, are up and coming in higher education and are gaining much acceptance among both faculty and students. The research process however can still be described as being tethered to a desk, either in an office or at the library. In this session we aim to explore ways in which research, from inception to final journal submission can be undertaken on a mobile device like an iPad to untether the researcher from the current desktop-based time and location constraints that current research processes.
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