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end of mobiMOOC, and other writing

MobiMOOC ended last week, but the list is still going, much to my surprise! Granted it's not as active as it was before when it was in session, but a bunch of us interested people do continue to contribute - as a matter of fact we're planning on co-authoring a collaborative paper on the whole thing!  I don't really know what the progress of that will be since I am not the team leader on it, but I do look forward to collaborating with all the awesome people I met on mobiMOOC.

On the Digital Natives article front, I was finally able to finish the rough draft (yay!) It's about 4000 words long (without the bibliography!) which I think might be a bit long for most journals.  Now I just have to proof read it, edit it, and then decide which journal I want to submit it it.  My preference would be an Open Access Journal so that it is available for free. Once I figure out where to submit it, I can work on proper formatting of references and bibliography.

Do you happen to have any ideas for journals to submit a ten year review of digital natives?
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