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My load is about to get lighter!

With spring break coming up next week (and taking half of it off from work), I am on final approach as far as the capstone is concerned. I've printed out two copies of the final draft and I and another edit will sit down over the week of Spring Break and edit this thing to a form that is good enough to hand in. I say "good enough" and not perfect because I don't believe that anything can reach perfection (well, maybe a good gateaux can, but I guess it's all relative).

In my Sociolinguistics course we are a couple of weeks behind discussing the work we've handed in, so no additional work was assigned for spring break, and my other instructional design classes have given us some time off. I am tempted to contact my communications theory instructor to see what the topic of the paper is so I can get a leg up during spring break and get that started.

Finally, I also finished the rough draft of my Communities of Practice article that I want to submit for publication. Over spring break I need to go in, edit, add in quotes and theory in the placeholders I have conveniently inserted, add in citations, and come up to a final form that will just need editing. Due date is in April.

Now you may be asking yourselves "are you going to rest at all this spring break?" Well, the answer is yes! I think that over spring break I will get some rest - but if I start some projects ahead of time (and finish projects currently on the back burner) the remainder of my spring semester will flow smoother - no?
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