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Στο Τρέξιμο! (on the run?)

As we all know some expressions don't translate. From now until Spring Break I am, as the Greeks would say, στο τρέξιμο - meaning very very busy! If you've been following my twitter stream, you probably know that I just finished round 2 proof-reading of my capstone project for the Instructional Design degree. I still need to commit the changes to the electronic version, print it out once more, get another set of eyes on it, look at the proposed changes, commit any of those to the electronic version, and then send the file off to the printers for binding. Printing a color version is going to be expensive! Lulu says that even a soft cover perfect-bound printing will be about $30 per book or $40 for a hard cover (and I need at least 2 to give to my advisor, and 1 to keep) Eeek!

Of course, I still need to finish the rough draft of the article that I want to publish (based on my Academic communities of practice presentation), I still need to work on the group project due on March 14 for my CBT class, and ongoing journals and critiques for my other two classes. In other words: Στο Τρέξιμο!

Now, so long as I get the capstone all squared away, and I can make headway with that article...I will be in excellent shape! The two following weeks though, I will have no social life :-) ... I only need to find some time to watch Battlestar Galactica! (after all, all work no play make jack a dull boy)
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