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Denied! You can't follow me on twitter!

I was reading this blog post on Donald Clark's blog on the subject of twitter followers. Luckily the incidents that he describes are not happening to me with as much frequency - because my tweets are private. I follow about 50 people, and 40 people follow me. The people I follow I want to follow, and the people that follow me are people that I think are interesting and I would like to interact with.

Of course, I come across some twitter accounts who follow a boat load of people and when I look at their tweets, they are all blog post announcements. Quite honestly if your tweets don't interest me, I am not going to allow you to follow me.

There seems to be a rat race on twitter to get the most followers. To me, content is what matters. If I would like to follow you (even if I can't because I am inundated with tons of new info) - you can follow me. I don't care how many people read my tweets (after all they are private), but I do care to read what interesting people are saying on the net.

Where is this rant going? Errr... I don't know ;-)
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