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The is near (today actually!)

This is it! The end of the semester!
All papers are in, all projects are in, classes are no longer in session, and I have no finals! My obligations (academic ones anyway) are over for the semester!

I have to say that this was one challenging semester, and I am quite happy it's done! Next semester I am finishing off my MEd in Instructional Design, and with a little luck (and possibly lots of studying) in one year's time I will be done with my MA in Applied Linguistics as well.

I've started to slowly read my materials for next semester - yeah I know! The semester is barely over and I am already starting up again? Well, I learned long ago that in Grad School (this may apply to undergrads as well), that the old Greek proverb "Των φρονίμων τα παιδιά πριν πεινάσουν μαγειρεύουν" is very true. The proverb, loosely translated, says "Kids of proper parents cook before they are hungry" - I guess it's sort of like the boy-scout motto "always be prepared".

The stuff I am reading now is for sociolinguistics. I guess in January I can put the finishing touches on my capstone for Instructional Design and prepare my presentation for this year's CIT conference (oh yeah, did I mention? My proposal for engaging students outside of the classroom was accepted, and I am presenting! Woohoo!)
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