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EDDE 805 - Dissertation Critique

Well, the semester is rockin' and rollin'.  Thanks to @merryspaniel, and the fact that AU posts their syllabi on the web, I knew that I had an assignment early on where I had to critique a couple of dissertations that were already published.  This was also a perfect opportunity to read a dissertation the colleague George M. had send me a while back as an exemplar of a good dissertation in corpus linguistics.

Since I had a head start, and I was lucky enough to be able to get one of the two slots in the first presentation week (this week) one assignment is done! Woohoo! Now onward and upward toward the literature review of my dissertation proposal.

I've included the presentation component (which doesn't seem to want to embed well...) and the brief write-up.

The write-up was a little constraining in terms of number of words. It's hard to do a critique in 1 page single space of a dissertation (wonder if this is preparation for doing book reviews).  My main take-away from this is that I want to do a dissertation like dissertation #1, but I will be doing one that is similar to #2 (just better ;-) ) so that I can finish my EdD in a timely fashion. The first dissertation seems like a time-sink for now (save it for doctorate #2 perhaps? hahaha).

EDDE 805 - Assignment 1 (text critique) by Apostolos Koutropoulos on Scribd
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