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MobiMOOC 2012 - my participation roadmap

I just noticed on the Google group for mobimooc that my MRT colleagues (Micheal and Rebecca) have posted their guides on how they will be participating in MobiMOOC this year, so I thought that it might be a good idea to do the same since mobiMOOC just started, and it's good to set expectations ;-)

I have to say that I generally don't come back for "seconds" once a MOOC is done. Once the course is done, I don't feel the need to come back for the second iteration, but MobiMOOC is different for me.  Last year I got a certificate for  being a memorable participant in the MOOC, so I felt that I should be coming back this year and reprising the role ;-) Heck, not that we have badges, it's even more incentive :-)  The other reason for coming back is that my fellow MRT members are going to be here, and this is a group of people that I've been able to communicate, learn, and co-research with for more than one year; this is pretty amazing considering that when MobiMOOC 2011 started I did not know these people. Who knows what fun stuff I will learn this time around and what interesting things we can co-research!

So, how do I plan on participating on MobiMOOC?  Mostly through my iPhone and iPad. When I get the daily email with all the posts from MobiMOOC on the Google Group, I plan on going through them and participating via Mobile Safari (or Chrome). It seems appropriate to be mobile for this MOOC, and since Google Groups plays nice with mobile, there is even more incentive for this. It also means I can catch up on this MOOC when I have some free time (a commodity that is rare given that the MRT is working on a paper, I have my day job, and I am taking 3 concurrent workshops this time of year.). Google Groups will be my 80% participation metric for this MOOC.

I also plan on keeping an eye out on my RSS where I follow some MOOCers that I've met through CCK11, MobiMOOC 2011 and EduMOOC, and I know for a fact that they are here now. I also will look at the twitter feeds and save readings for later (on Pocket).  Realistically, it might be a while before before I get through all postings that I save for MobiMOOC, but I will get through them ;-). The RSS feeds from blogs, and twitter will be my other 20% of participation.

Like Rebecca, I don't plan on being in synchronous conference sessions. They generally aren't my thing. I do like to listen to them, however, after the fact when I am running or doing something else.  So, if they are in mobile friendly format, I might just take them along while I run ;-)

So what is YOUR plan for MobiMOOC 2012 participation?
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