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mobiMOOC: lots of academic sources!

I just had quite an interesting realization - it's only the end of Week 2 on mobiMOOC (1/3 done with the course) and there are already a ton of resources that have been contributed by participants; a lot of these resources are scholarly resources in the form of studies and published research articles on mLearning.  This is pretty cool!  There is also a delicious mobiMOOC repository available which is pretty cool.  I've been thinking of starting a Zotero share so we can put all of these academic articles, with proper citations and bibliographic information, somewhere where people can have access to them in one place (instead of being inside many separate google group email postings).  Perhaps this is something that I might start undertaking over the weekend, or next week.  Truthfully I haven't had much chance to go through the citations already provided, so I want to create this bibliography for myself, for future use, but I think it would be worthwhile for everyone to have access to it.  After all six weeks is a tiny amount of time to go through all these resources :-)

The other thing that came to mind, as far as academic sources go, is that this MOOC has many many more user generated scholarly article recommendations compared to LAK11 and CCK11.  Both in LAK and CCK George and Stephen provided weekly readings that we reacted to (in addition to reacting to fellow participant's blog posts), but I don't really recall seeing that many academic articles contributed by participants. It seemed like George and Stephen were the contributors of academic knowledge in the other MOOCs.  This MOOC seems to me more democratic, or rather more like a puzzle.  We have all come together with different pieces of a puzzle and we are filling each other's gaps in knowledge, while at the same time having a discussion and refining our own understanding of mLearning (technology and pedagogy).

It just goes to show, not two MOOCs are the same!
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