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#ioe12 OCW: The Expansion Pack

I thought that the OCW week would be a good week to work on the Researcher Badge for #ioe12 for two reasons: I am a big proponent of Open, especially with openly sharing and iterating through better course materials; and up until recently (#NMC12 to be specific) I wasn't completely clear as to the goals of OCW. Yes, I could have reader the fine "about OCW," but I didn't - my bad :-)

In any case, my anecdotal experience about faculty perceptions of open, and openly sharing their own materials in an OCW fashion has been of the "closed" variety, or at best the "copyright boogey man" or the "someone will steal your stuff!" varieties. I've only met a small handful of people at my institution who would just jump on the bandwagon.

To this end, I am interested in finding out more about the perceptions of faculty members about OCW, and sharing their own materials in an institutions OCW repository. I would like to know what they think about OCW, what their fears and hopes are when they share (or refuse to share) their materials in OCW repositories, and what they see as key contributing factors to successfully getting their materials on an institutions OCW repository.

If such studies already exist, it would be interesting to see how such views have changes over the years. It's been 10 years since OCW started - some views and opinions may have changed over the years.

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