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Week III

UMass Boston's Mission can be found Here, and it has as its tenets Access, Excellence, Public Service, Innovation, Economic Development and Quality of Life.

An e-learning project that may go well hand in hand with the University's Mission is an information literacy curriculum that can be accessible not only to members of the UMass Boston community (students, staff, and faculty) but also to the broader community that UMass Boston serves (Boston, the state of Massachusetts, the US and the World, since many students who study at UMB are not only local, but also national and global).

Information Literacy is something that many people do not have the opportunity to learn. Providing a free e-learning curriculum in information literacy, using free and for-pay services (the for-pay component such as academic journals may be limited depending on who the student is), could be Innovative, it could provide Access to resources for people who don't have them, it will definitely be a public service. The curriculum of course will strive for excellence, and it can act as an enabler for people to improve their quality of life.
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