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Busy month!

Wow, this semester is really (REALLY) moving along quite fast. This month is just flying by, and December is going to be quite literally two class sessions. Lots of stuff is due, lots of papers, final projects, critical

So what's on my plate?

- Observation Analysis + Lesson plan for my ESL methods/materials class

- Complete Thematic Unit Lesson Plan for my Foreign Language methods class (yes they are different)

- Critical Analysis Essay for my Foreign Language methods class (plus an evaluation of a classmate's Essay)

- Evaluation Plan for an eLearning class (see Kirkpatrick for details)

- Put the finishing touches on the Academic Integrity Training that I am creating

- Finish off the rough draft of my capstone.

I guess I don't really have to do my capstone stuff given that I am actually supposed to do it next semester, but I am really into it, so it's hard to put something down when you've got a lot of inspiration for it.

On top of all that I've got a few research articles that have been nagging me to read them for the past few weeks. Interesting stuff - but no time! Hmmm... Articles on tape...someone should do that ;-)
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