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DALMOOC episode 3: Screenchomping the analytics cycle description

I've had this app on my iPad, by TechSmith, for the past few years, but I've never really used it.  The App is called ScreenChomp and it allows you to have a digital whiteboard that you can use to write and narrate.  I through that a plain text description of the learning analytics cycle (still catching up on week 2 of DALMOOC) would probably be confusing, and using PowerPoint and Adobe Presenter would be too static.  So, I applied the learning analytics cycle to a course I teach, and I decided to hand-write everything. Heck I attempted to draw as well, but my lack of artistic talent shows ;-)

Direct link to the screenchomp (if the embed doesn't work):

DALMOOC Week 2, Description of the Data Analytics Cycle from Apostolos K. on Vimeo.

How does this cycle apply to your courses?
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