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Sessions of Interest, but that I couldn't go to

Part ][ of my reportage back from Campus Technology 2011 - the sessions that I couldn't go to but seemed very interesting.  To say that there was a lot of stuff of interest at Campus Tech would be an understatement. The following are sessions that I would have liked to have gone to but didn't have the opportunity to attend because they conflicted with other sessions I wanted to go to.

Quite a few things on mLearning, on Assessments, ePortfolios and Rubrics, and of course my favorite topic: communities of practice.  I was  actually quite bummed that I couldn't make the communities of practice session, but I was at a limited audience Google presentation.  I do hope that they stream videos from each session since most (if not all) sessions were recorded.

What do you think?  Are mLearning and ePortofolios such big topics these days?
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