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One week post conference

It's been a week since the CIT conference where I presented on academic communities of practice and engaging students outside the classroom. I have to say that the experience was pretty enlightening. I do like getting in front of people and sharing what I know with the group, but this particular experience has encouraged me participate in future CIT conferences and in other conferences both at UMass Boston and elsewhere. Now all I have to do is to think of a topic.

The interesting thing about the CIT conference is that presenters can choose to create a written account of their presentation and submit it for publication in a peer reviewed journal -sweeeeet! I've been wanting to do the whole research and publish thing after I graduate, but I've decided that since I already have the subject matter (some in my head, some in slides and some on note cards) I can sit down over the next few months, work on the different sections, edit and submit!
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