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OLDS MOOC, week 1 thoughts

So... week 1 of OLDS MOOC is about to be done!

When I signed up, I wasnt' sure what my participation level would be (so I didn't set hard objectives for myself). I did want to work on the MOOC as much as I could, given the constrains of every day life.  Week 1 wasn't bad.  I did create a cloud in CloudWorks to consolidate my own learnings and interactions in the MOOC in one easy to find place. Supposedly this will come in handy, as well, when the organizers are deciding whether someone's participation is badge-worthy :-)

I must say that CloudWorks was a bit confusing in the beginning, but I think I have gotten the hang of it.  The one issue I still have is how to remove a cloud from a cloudscape after you have added it!  For example, my main cloud (the one where I am keeping track of my own participation) is also in the Dreambazaar. This was done by mistake, but I don't see a way of removing my cloud (and this keeping the dreambazaar clean).  Oh well, live and learn.

The one thing I realized, as I have been looking at subsequent weeks, is that this MOOC might require more time than what I have to give it these next two months. There are things, that the facilitators do, however, that make it easier such as daily wrap-up announcements, and showcasing interesting questions or ponderings from participants.  I don't subscribe to every thread in the MOOC (that would be nuts), but if I see something that the organizers highlight, and I find it interesting or provoking enough to respond, I do take the time to respond :-)

One thing that could be done better, if OLDS MOOC runs again, is the dreambazaar.  I would gladly join another team. My project is not time sensitive, and honestly I am in no rush to complete it given everything else I need to do, but I would gladly sign up on another team and contribute some work to it by way of peer review, resource gathering and so on.  This facilitation and negotiation in terms of which projects go forward would be helpful. In a small class (20 students) it's easier to negotiate which projects move forward.  Teams usually form BEFORE the projects are announced, and then decide on a project.  In the OLDS MOOC case it was the opposite, projects were announced and people are supposed to rally onto them, but I am not seeing how this will be done :)  Just to make things easier: If there are fewer than 10 people on my proposed project, I am happy to take it off the table ;-)

Considering I didn't set any goals (other than "do as much as I can") I think I passed this objective ;-)

Your thoughts of OLDS MOOC week 1?
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